Who We Are

DJ Rubin

David J. Rubin

Founder. DJ & Emcee.

DJ Rubin is an expert in one thing... making parties rock.

Since the age of 15, DJ Rubin has performed 1000s (literally thousands) of parties. His experience as a Wedding DJ, and the experience he provides is truly one of a kind.

What sets David apart is his music knowledge & mixing, and his boundless energy.

He grew up next to a concert venue, and has seen hundreds of shows. You name em, he's seen em. DJ Rubin's wealth of music knowledge is unmatched in the industry. From Classic Rock to Classical, from 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s throwback to the freshest remixes, Rubin knows it all. So when you need someone to mix any genre for any generation for everyone to enjoy, David is your man, and you won't find anyone else like him.

As an event host and MC, he is top notch. He has an engaging energy that capivates audiences, and gets people hyped to levels they didn't know possible within themselves.

Most of all, with all his experience, he understands what each party needs, and for yours to be special. To make the event classy, classic, and timeless, from the ceremonies, formalities to dinner, while also getting the energy off the chains to make your party one people will always remember and cherish.

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DJ Noved

Devon Marino

Founder. DJ, Photographer & Videographer.

DJ Noved / Noved the Light Thief

Devon is a dual threat unlike any other: a master class photographer & videographer, and an absolutely epic DJ.

Devon runs Photo Graphy LLC. If you need the most spectacular photos to capture the most precious moments for your big day...

Click here for his Portfolio

When it comes to music, Noved is known for one thing... b-b-b-b blastin' guests into another stratosphere. His mixes and music are melodic, funky, chunky and fresh AF.

Follow @noved_the_light_thief and @photos_bykrystal

DJ Matty M

Matthew McCormick

Lead DJ.

Bars & Night Clubs. College Events. Private Parties.

DJ Matty M destroys it. Period.

A master of the vibes, Matt keeps smooth and upbeat all night. From mashups, throwback jams, to epic party anthems, Matty M's music will keep people dancing all night long.

New York