About NYCT DJs


NYCT DJs was founded in 2019 by David J Rubin, better known as, DJ Rubin and Devon Marino, also known as DJ Noved.

Rubin has been a Professional DJ since the age of 15 since 2005, that's over 17 years of DJ experience and counting.

Noved has been a professional DJ and Photographer since 2007. 14 years of epic beats and timeless shots.

With NYCT DJs, one thing is guaranteed... your party will undoubtedly rock to a level guests will never forget and always remember.

NYCT is based out of CT, parties like its NY, and travels wherever the party is needed.

NYCT DJs / DJ Rubin is one of the most recognized and premier event DJ's and MC's in the Northeast. Since the age of 15 (for over 17 years) DJ Rubin has entertained (literally) thousands of parties! When it comes to music mixing of all genres, epic energy & engagement, and first class professionalism for the most incredible experience on your special day, you've found it here.

Serving all of CT [New Haven, Hartford, Fairfield, Stamford, Middletown], New York [Westchester, NYC, Brooklyn], MA [Springfield, Boston] and even destination weddings from Colorado, Florida, and more!

Here's a story...

NYCT DJs is not one of those 'normal' DJ companies... we're a cool DJ company !!

In all serious, we take your party seriously, to have some SERIOUS FUN.

What sets us apart?

1) Experience & Professionalism

DJ Rubin of NYCT DJs has entertained every party under the sun (and in the blacklight). With well over 1000 events performed (that's not an exageration). He comes to a party prepared knowing what you want and need, and he can read a crowd and deliver what no one is expecting to get them out of their seats and groove to the beat.

2) Unmatched Music Quality

"Music is a world within itself, with a language we all understand" -Stevie Wonder (obvi)

What's your vibe? The latest hits? Face melting remixes? Classic Rock? 90s Emo Jams? 80s Synth? Motown? Beatles? Acoustic? Hip-Hop? R&B? Soul? Classical? Disco? Top-40?

Whatever it is, NYCT DJs can mix it, mash it, and not at some amateur 'press-play' level. We make your ears-gasm and the booty jammin' on the dance floor all night long.

We hit your heart right in the feels with the perfect slow song or singalong bringing tears of joy to your friends and family.

We kill it. 100% guaranteed.

3) Personalized & Consierge Service

NYCT DJs is dedicated to one thing... your day being most memorable and successful.

We make your day our only event of the day, and put our 100% effort into it.

We coordinate seamlessly with all your vendors, the photographers, caterers, planners to hit every note right throughout the event.

We get to know you well, make sure to understand what your dream event is & the music you love, and bring it to life.

It's our passion.

Its our mission.

Our livelihood.

To make your day special and stand out.

It's what we do best.